EFISZ took part in the European Commission's digital finance strategy debate

European Digital Finance Association (EDFA), a non-profit association established at the beginning of 2020 and currently comprising of 13 European fintech professional organisations, one of whose founding members is EFISZ (Electronic Payment Service Providers Association), was invited to the European Commission’s Digital Finance Strategy debate, which took place on 15 October 2020.

The goal of the European Commission is to create a unified digital market for financial services by means of the Digital Finance Package accepted in September. The Digital Finance Package Explained event presented a debate of the European Digital Finance Strategy’s specific recommendations, its impacts on companies, consumers, the economy, and the schedule of execution, helmed by Jan Ceyssens (Head of Unit, DG FISMA) and Ondřej Kovařík (European Parliament representative, rapporteur of the European Digital Finance Strategy).

As part of the event hosted online, the EDFA organisation was formally introduced, along with EDFA’s viewpoints and strategic recommendations on the European Digital Finance Strategy.

The Digital Payments Strategy plays an important role in the European Union’s digitalisation initiatives, supporting the creation of new digital value chains. Active participation in preparing the EU’s Digitalisation programmes may result in the significant improvement of local enterprises accessing development resources for 2021-2027.

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