Together, we are shaping the future of Europe - Hungary in the forefront of developing the Instant Payment world, EFISZ workshop in Brussels

On 26th March, the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) and the Embassy of Hungary in Brussels is organizing an event at the Liszt Institute Brussels.

The workshop is intended to introduce the Hungarian Payment Ecosystem with the focus of lessons learned since the Instant Payment System was launched in 2020. In addition, EFISZ and its international partners are going to bring insights about the latest related services and initiatives in the digital finance sector. The networking event is a great opportunity to share best practices and give floor for professional dialogues to support new service developments. 

Participation is subject to registration, if you are interested please contact the organisers until 15th March: blasko.judit@efisz.hudorottya.bosze@mfa.gov.hu


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