Current regulatory issues (CCD2/PSD/PSR/FIDA) discussed with the competent EU decision-makers in Brussels

On 25 October 2023, the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) organised discussions on current regulatory issues with the involvement of the competent decision-makers of the European Union. The Secretary-General of the Electronic Payment Service Providers’ Association (EFISZ) participated in the series of discussions held in Brussels.  

During the discussions entitled “Empowering EU Consumers: National Implementation of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD)” and “European Financial Data Space: The Transformative Impact of PSD3, PSR and FIDA”, the reports and proposals of the EDFA’s working groups – which were intended to launch a debate on the given topics – were discussed, and thematic panel discussions were held with the delegates of various EU committees and commissions. 

The event on the Consumer Credit Directive was about the implementation of CCD at the national level. It brought together the representatives of EU institutions, national regulatory authorities and industry associations to discuss the potential benefits of, and cross-cutting issues related to, the transposition of CCD. 

At the event revolving around the future of the EU’s payment services market, workshops were held with the participation of policy-makers, experts and executives of industry associations, and the planned roadmap for the adoption of the relevant legislation was also discussed. 


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