A new member joined the EFISZ

A new member joined the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ), the autonomous, non-governmental socio-professional organisation which was established in April 2017 to represent the interests of companies providing non-cash, electronic payment services.

Pursuant to the decision of the General Assembly of 23 January 2018, the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (hereinafter: EFISZ) can now continue its successful operation with 10 members. In January, the General Assembly of EFISZ unanimously supported the membership application presented by President Prof. Dr. József Mészáros on behalf of the Hungarian State Treasury.

“Now that the Hungarian State Treasury (hereinafter: Treasury) has joined us, EFISZ can be even more effective as a representative body. As electronic payment solutions are becoming increasingly widespread, we now welcome a governmental actor in our ranks that plays and will play a major role in handling digitized governmental payment transactions. With the Treasury joining EFISZ, the synergies among the members provide even more opportunities for the regulation of electronic payment services in Hungary,” said Mihály Veres, President of the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association.

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