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Electronic Payment Service Providers Association


The Association

The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ), a socio-professional organisation of companies operating in Hungary that provide non-cash, electronic payment services, is a non-governmental, autonomous organisation for communicating and representing interests and promoting consultation, established by the founding members in accordance with the provisions of section 3:63 of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and of section 4 of Act CLXXV of 2011 on the Operation and Support of Civil Organizations (Civil Act).
Hungary may be the country in Central Eastern Europe which is actively involved in shaping the future of financial technology.
Digitization has a key role to play in this process, and developing non-cash, electronic payment services is a part of that. As electronic payment is gradually becoming more widespread, the interoperability of payment channels is becoming more and more important.
We hope that EFISZ can provide support and information to the public and to service providers, so that knowledge about e-services in finance can become an integrated part of our everyday lives.

Mihály Veres


Strategic goals

Development of the electronic payment ecosystem

Supporting the development of the Hungarian cash-saving electronic payment ecosystem that points towards sustainability, and the development of new service and business models.

Fostering cooperation

Facilitation and improvement of domestic and international professional cooperation in the electronic payment value chain.

Strategic environment analysis

Continuous analysis of the strategic environment, actualities and trends of the electronic payments with the involvement of industry operators (government and financial stakeholders).

Consumer protection

Protecting those using electronic payment services, supporting service providers in developing consumer-friendly electronic payment services.
When using electronic payment services, it is very important to monitor the implementation of the principles set out in the Electronic Payment Services Code of Conduct.


Supporting the creation of innovative cashless payment solutions and new service value chains.
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Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ)
6-12 Kapás Street, 1027 Budapest
Corporate Registration Number: 01-02-0016481
Tax number: 18902323-1-41
Phone: +36 70 451 4483
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