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dr. Al-Absi Gáber Seif

Board member

He has been the Business Development and Sales Manager of OTP Mobile Ltd. since 2013. The company develops SimplePay payment solutions and the SimplePay application which offers several features making day-to-day matters easier, including motorway vignette purchase, cheque payment or parking and food ordering.

Among others, the SimplePay online payment system and the smartphone-based POS electronic payment application were developed and launched under his leadership. Thanks to the ecosystem established by OTP Mobile, every business player can find the appropriate payment solution that best suits their and their customers’ needs.

He has been the Commercial and Product Development Manager of OTP Bank Payments Tribe since 2021, his goals are to ensure transparency of payment solutions becoming more and more complex, thus helping users, and to plan innovative services in response to market needs.

He has previously been involved in the founding and running of several businesses supporting online shopping and sales. He studied at the University of Pécs, where he obtained a PhD in finance law.

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