GRÁNIT Bank Zrt. has become a member of the EFISZ Association

The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) is pleased to welcome GRÁNIT Bank among its members, as by this addition, the activity of the Association has further expanded and gained new momentum.

In order to realise its strategic objectives, EFISZ continuously works together—with the cooperation of its members and partners—on the development of the Hungarian and international electronic payment ecosystem, the facilitation of professional collaborations, the analysis of the strategic environment, the protection of the users of electronic payment services, and the promotion of the creation of innovative, cashless payment solutions and new service value chains.

In this context, it is of utmost importance that the Association’s list of members has expanded with GRÁNIT Bank, which was the first bank in Hungary to implement the digital banking business model.

‘GRÁNIT Bank was already born digital in 2010,’ stated Éva Hegedüs, Chairman and CEO of GRÁNIT Bank. ‘From the very beginning, we have provided our services to our clients without branch network, primarily through electronic channels and smart devices. We consider it our mission to come out, year after year, with market-leading, innovative financial solutions which make banking faster, simpler, experiential, and cost-effective for our clients. We are honoured that now—together with the members of EFISZ—we are able to take action within the framework of the Association to make the knowledge and spread of digital financial solutions a natural part of everyday life.’

‘We are also very pleased to welcome GRÁNIT Bank among our members, since following the Bank’s activities, it is clear that it significantly promotes conscious and environmentally friendly payment and purchase decisions with its innovation initiatives, digital solutions, and scheme for young people—which are all outstanding both in Hungary and internationally—, as well as with its efforts towards sustainability,’ emphasised Mihály Veres, President of EFISZ.

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