The V4 Smart Platform 2 Project will be realized with contribution from former domestic industry partners

On 21 May 2021, former domestic industry partners of the V4 Smart Platform (OTP Bank Plc., MOL Plc., i-Cell, National Mobile Payment Plc. and SAP Hungary Ltd.) signed a declaration of intent for cooperation regarding the V4SP 2 project.

National Mobile Payment Plc. initiated a technical dialogue and started forming cooperations during Hungary’s 2017-2018 V4 presidency in order to implement the V4 Smart Platform.

The formation of the V4 Smart Platform is aimed at the realization of services that can be introduced jointly in the V4 member states, allow uniform interoperability and support the convenience of the residents and digital economic development, such as ensuring interoperability between mobility (transport), touristic services, the creation of a joint, unified electronic and mobile-payment infrastructure, providing a new generation of digital services in a harmonized, open model as well as providing new market opportunities for businesses in the V4 member states.

In order to achieve these objectives, the formation of a professional community has started with the cooperation of domestic industry partners. As result of the cooperation, proposals were defined for the development of potential cross-border services and, with the participation of international partners, a “White Paper” supporting the development of cross-border digital services was prepared.

In the 2021/2022 Hungarian V4 Presidency Programme, the V4 Smart Platform 2 project is the continuation of the initiative launched during the previous Presidency Programme.

As of July 2021, Hungary is currently holding the presidency of the Visegrád Group, and the project will be realized as part of this Presidency Programme with contribution from former domestic industry partners (OTP Bank Plc., MOL Plc., i-Cell, National Mobile Payment Plc. and SAP Hungary Ltd.).

The main objective of the V4SP 2 project is to elaborate business, legal and technological models of the potential services with the cooperating partners and to prepare pilot projects realized by connecting cross-border services.

A further objective is to create and prepare complex value chains for the services related to tourism with flexible planning capability, by ensuring interoperability and with innovative digital services. 

The project also provides an opportunity for the member states of the Visegrád Group to create a unified, single, interoperable market in certain segments with the help of digitalization.

The official schedule of the programs of the 2021/2022 Hungarian V4 Presidency can be found on the link below:


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