Capsys became a member of EFISZ

Capsys co-managing directors Miklós Erdély and Zoltán Szeles have expressed their excitement about joining EFISZ. Capsys is a leading B2B software technology provider, supporting the real-time payment transformation of the largest financial institutions in Hungary, and as such will be happy to contribute to work EFISZ is doing.

About Capsys

Capsys Informatics Ltd., established in 1998, is a Hungary based independent software and services company delivering expert consultancy and IT solutions for capital markets companies and banks in 16 countries from ranging from North Africa through EU to Russia/CIS and GCC. As a private company Capsys is still owned by its founders who are former executives of financial services companies. This fact has determined the business philosophy of Capsys and put us in a somewhat unique position within the IT industry: we have a very strong business focus and expertise, supported by excellent IT experts of software development and implementation. This dual role enables Capsys to bridge the gap of understanding between business and IT areas, and to provide essential resources to ensure the success of each project. Another bridging role we perform is bringing global technologies to emerging regions through partnerships with leading software vendors

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