The EFISZ becomes a founding member of the EDFA non-profit organization

The European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) non-profit organization was formed on 11 February 2020, in Brussels, by 9 European fintech and professional electronic payment organizations. The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) participates in the establishment of EDFA as a founding member.

Last year, a European-level professional dialogue was started among several European fintech / professional electronic payment organizations, partly by EFISZ members during an earlier consultation in support of the Visegrád Group. As a result of the professional dialogue, EFISZ was given the opportunity to become a founding member of the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA) non-profit organization, established yesterday, which aims, among other things, to conduct active consultations with the regulatory side of the European Union. The professional work has already started in connection with the EU Fintech Action Plan (under renewal), focusing on innovation and thereby strengthening the fintech sector.

The founding members of EDFA are as follows:

  • Fintech Belgium – Belgium
  • Czech Fintech Association – Czech Republic
  • Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) – Hungary
  • Italia Fintech – Italy
  • Foundation for Financial Innovation – Fintech Poland – Poland
  • Fintech Camp – Romanian Fintech Association – Romania
  • Bulgarian Fintech Association – Bulgaria
  • French Fintech Association – France
  • Spanish Fintech Association – Spain
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