EFISZ announces a call for ideas entitled electronic payment solutions

Hungary may be the country in Central Eastern Europe that can keep up with the development of financial technology, and to achieve this goal, the Association of Electronic Payment Providers announces a call for ideas titled “Electronic Payment Solutions” addressed to students in higher education.

Applications can be submitted for the call for ideas from 28 February 2019 to 15 April 2019 with any service development, innovative idea or pilot project proposal which can be implemented in connection with electronic payments, and which facilitates the management of everyday finances and draws the attention to financial awareness.

The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ), an autonomous, professional civil society organisation representing the interests of companies providing no cash electronic payment services, is committed to spreading modern and innovative financial solutions in Hungary. The call for ideas addressed to students also serves this goal.

We believe that by involving students in higher education, with the help of their fresh, creative and innovative thinking, submissions shedding a totally new light on feasible and gap-filling solutions can be created in the field of electronic payment. We included several fields among the topics of the call for ideas that we consider supporting the financial technological development and being sufficiently interesting, stimulating the imagination of innovative students in higher education. We will reward the best submissions with three grand prizes and seven special prizes. The prizes grant the opportunity to join the projects running at EFISZ members and to participate in the professional work carried out there. We believe that many will apply and take advantage of the opportunity offered by the call for ideas,” said Mihály Veres, president of EFISZ.

The call for ideas on Electronic Payment Solutions, the details on the content and form requirements as well as on the assessment of the submissions and the prizes can be downloaded by those interested from the site https://www.efisz.hu/otletpalyazat-palyazati-kiiras/.

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