Introductory meeting between the Czech Fintech Association and EFISZ

For the development of regional international cooperations, a bilateral introductory meeting was held by the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) and the Czech Fintech Association in January 2019.

At the consultation, Maria Staszkiewicz, chief executive officer, and Gábor Dávidházy, secretary general, reviewed the main objectives and activities of their respective associations between which several links were identified. The V4 Smart Platform initiative, launched during Hungary’s V4 presidency in 2017-2018, was presented among others as such a linking point, which involved several EFISZ members.

The professional communities and partner organisations able to strengthen the competitiveness of the region by regional cooperations and joint international initiatives in addition to the achievement of their domestic goals play an important role in the Visegrad cooperation.

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