InterTicket Kft. has recently joined the EFISZ

The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) launched in April last year, serving as a professional organisation for corporations offering cashless e-payment solutions, has acquired a new member.

EFISZ continues its efficient operations via a new member, InterTicket Kft.—a market leader in the cultural sector, in the area of operating various ticket sales and the related entitlements’ management systems—having joined the organisation in September. The Company’s online platform offered over 11 million tickets in 2017 alone (access to the entire ticket range) to nearly 50,000 different programs in the entire list of Hungarian theatres, concert halls, and festivals, which is unrivalled on the market. “ was one of the pioneers in Hungary in the late 1990s to accept online bank card payments, and we have been providing our customers with the most up-to-date e-payment solutions available ever since. Over the past two decades, our attitude and business decisions have mainly been driven by an innovative approach, the on-going development of the various payment solutions offered having been and being a critical part of it,” commented Örs Országh, Director of Innovation at InterTicket Kft.

“We are proud of the fact that InterTicket Kft. is a new member of the professional organisation of EFISZ, given that the Company is unique in that the various cashless payment solutions it offers in the local cultural market are both innovative and reflective of future trends. EFISZ is committed to reach its goal, which is to enhance the efficiency of the use of cashless e-payment systems across a wide range of the economy, including the areas of culture and entertainment, and to facilitate the development of new service provision models by harmonising the various professional competency areas of its members,” commented Mihály Veres, Chairman of the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association.