EFISZ and Hiventures sign a cooperation agreement

Today, the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association (EFISZ) and Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management CLS. signed a cooperation agreement to start thinking together and to establish a long-term cooperation.

The Electronic Payment Service Providers Association, founded with 9 members in April 2017, and Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management CLS., a member of the Hungarian Development Bank Group managing HUF 56 billion in venture capital to deploy, concluded a cooperation agreement with the aim to jointly exploit the synergistic opportunities that facilitate the spread of electronic payment solutions.  

According to the agreement, EFISZ will direct project initiatives it comes into contact with primarily, but not exclusively, to Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management CLS. for funding, while, in its investment transactions, Hiventures will rely on EFISZ as the expert in the field of electronic and mobile payment.

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