Development of the V4 Smart Platform gets the green light

From July 2017 to June 2018, Hungary is holding the rotating Presidency of the Visegrad Group for the fifth time. The importance of the Visegrad Cooperation, based on the principles guiding the V4 since its founding in 1991, namely mutual trust, flexibility, and a focus on common traditions, values and interests, has been growing recently.

In the previous 26 years the Visegrad Group has been actively representing regional interests, since 2004 within the European Union, while contributing to the prosperity and stability of the continent via their economic performance, cooperation aimed at facilitating connectivity, support towards the neighbouring Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership regions, as well as a responsible approach to the unprecedented migration crisis. The V4 countries constitute stability and growth in the European Union, and have the legitimate intention to contribute substantially and as equal partners to the dialogue on the future of the EU,” says the V4 Connects Presidency Programme.

The “Digital Visegrad” section of the V4 Presidency Programme describes the “V4 Smart Platform” initiative, the aim of which is to develop inter-operable electronic services that can be jointly introduced in the V4 countries, serving the comfort of the citizens and helping public administration. As a framework system supporting these services, the Platform can foster meeting public demand by the construction of a unified, cross-border digital space based on reciprocity.

The programme of the presidency: http://kki.hu/assets/upload/a-visegradi-csoport-magyar-elnoksege- program.pdf

Simultaneously with the 4 Connects Presidency Programme, Government Decree 1396/2017 (VI. 28.) on the preparation and implementation of the Hungarian Presidency 2017/2018 of the Visegrad Group was published.

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