Strategic Goals

To support the improvement of the Hungarian non-cash, electronic payment ecosystem and the development of new service and business models.
To represent, both in Hungary and internationally, the interests of Hungarian non-cash, electronic payment service providers.
To jointly represent Hungarian non-cash, electronic payment service providers and their interests before decision makers.
To provide and coordinate education to the public about the use of non-cash, electronic payment services, and to establish cooperation regarding this task with governmental actors and financial stakeholders.
To support the marketing and communication of Hungarian non-cash, electronic payment services.
To develop a role of continuous coordination in relation to the introduction of non-cash, electronic payment services in public administration and services.
To create the Code of Conduct of Electronic Payment Services, which is of great significance from a consumer protection aspect as well, and to monitor the implementation of the principles set out therein.
To develop the Mobile Payment Consumer Protection System of Electronic Payment Services, and, related to that, to establish the Ethics Committee of the Electronic Payment Service Providers Association.
To develop the Electronic Payment Strategy with the involvement of industry operators (government and financial stakeholders).
To support non-cash payment.